We're The Hawkins: Danny, Luciane (Lu), and Daniel!

Over five years ago, we started our company to provide tutoring and mentoring services to our school community. We discovered quickly there are many tutors and mentors offering their services; however, we realized that many of these tutoring and mentoring services were not research-based or evidence-based.  We set out to changed that by expanding beyond tutoring and mentoring services, and by offering research-based and evidence-based educational services. We have a three-fold focus, which provides quality and affordable educational services to Students/Families, Teachers/Classrooms, and Schools/Communities. All services are personalized and individualized. (You can learn more about our services here.)

We use researched-based and evidence-based practices and strategies, as well as, our own proprietary research, practices, and strategies. All of our Educational Planners have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in their content area and three-years experience. We developed Personalized Educational Plans™ (PEP™) and Behavioral Intervention and Improvement Plans™ (BIIP™), and Behavioral Intervention and Improvement Tier Steps™. We have worked with clients from the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Kenya, India, and elsewhere with a 97% success rate.

We guarantee services and results! With our 100%+4 Satisfaction Guarantee, we guarantee your satisfaction with our services. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our services, we will refund your money and an additional four weeks. You can either receive the four weeks as a refund or as additional weeks of services at no cost!

Meet Our Certified Educational Consultants & Planners (ECP-C)

(We are family owned and operated, so you will work directly with the Hawkins Family!)


Rev. Danny Hawkins

Graduate Student:
Columbia University in New York City (School of Social Work),
Yale University School of Management, &
Harvard University - Business School Online.

English - Português - Conversational Español - Biblical Latin/Greek

At four-years-old Danny witnessed his biological father murdered, and then abandoned and left to die, Danny became a product of the Missouri Foster Care System, Danny was written off by many. Some specialists said that Danny would never "cope with society's demands," "graduate high school," and they recommended long-term institutionalization. However, Danny overcame the odds against him, and he now attends to ivy league universities in the country... (Read More Here).


Luciane (Lu) Hawkins

MSEd, ECP-C, Reading Specialist (K-12),
Elementary Teacher (1-6), PYP Instructor (1-6)
Doctoral Candidate/Student:
Johns Hopkins University (School of Education),
Yale University School of Management, & Harvard University - Business School Online.

English - Português - Español - Latin

From a small girl living in a favela in Brazil, Luciane (Lu's) journey in life led me to Springfield, Missouri and to Missouri State University and the College of Education. Overcoming bone cancer, poverty, and earning scholarships and grants allowed Lu to become the educator she always wanted to be. Completing her student teaching in cancer treatment, Lu defied the odds and found her American Dream. Now, she is a doctoral candidate/student at the top universities in the country (Johns Hopkins University and Yale University School of Management)... (Read More Here).

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Want more information about the services we offer? Visit our Services Page. We have information on the array of educational services and programs we offer. All services are individualized and personalized. We offer a no-obligation and no-cost consultation. An Educational Planner will go over all services, develop a Personalized Educational Plan™ (PEP™), Behavioral Intervention and Improvement Plan™ (BIIP™), or Service Plan tailored to your individual needs!

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