Personalized Educational Planning (PEP)

Tutoring or Educational Consulting and Planning?
We go beyond tutoring and mentoring, by offering research-based and evidence-based Personalized Educational Planning™! We offer Educational Consulting and Planning. Tutoring focuses on remedying deficiencies, homework help, and test preparation. While tutoring has its place in the education field, it does not address core or root issues that affect one's learning, academic progress, and over all academic success.

Hawkins Educational Services is the only private educational agency, which offers Personalized Educational Planning™. Clients have Certified Educational Consultants and Planners (ECP-C), who are licensed, certified, bonded, and insured at the state and federal levels. We develop and implement an interdisciplinary and differentiated Personalized Educational Plan (PEP™) with a holistic approach to education. All clients receive assessments, interventions, Common Core-based services, test preparation (state, standardized, private, and proprietary), and auxiliary services.All plans are based on biological development, psychological development, and socio-educational factors. Hawkins Educational Services, LC is the only private education agency who developed, created, implements, and offers Personalized Educational Planning™ with a comprehensive approach to educational services. Our services are based on proven research and proprietary research. The results speak for itself...a 97% success rate with students and families around the world (United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, and Kenya).

The owners and founders of Hawkins Educational Services LC and its subsidiaries are Danny and Luciane Hawkins. They are educators and doctoral and graduate students at Columbia University School of Social Work, Yale University School of Management, and Harvard University Business School Online, respectively. Their research focuses are in Mind, Brain, and Teaching, Bio-Neuro Education, Emotional and Behavioral Support, Early Childhood Trauma and Education, and diversity and inclusion, among other focuses. Their work and research have been published, highlighted, recognized, and awarded. They used their proprietary research, historic research,  leading research, and emerging research to develop all services we offer. Our clients have access to ivy league research and quality services at affordable pricing only available through us.

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Educational Consulting & PD

As educators, we understand the complexity in the public and private education system in the United States. The American classroom is changing and evolving quickly in all aspects -- not just technology. The classroom is a collaborative partnership among the students, parents/legal guardians, families, and teachers. The classroom is becoming more diverse, and curriculum and instructions should reflect this. Technology changed the way teachers communicate and interact with students and families. However, there are many state and federal laws that govern how teachers can use and implement technology in the classroom and with students. Title 1 Schools and socioeconomic factors have led to teachers directing families to resources that meet students' basic needs - food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare. Teachers are often left to navigate the complex education system on their own, while meeting the demands of the district, the state, and the federal government.

Hawks Educational Services, LC offers Personalized Educational Consulting & Professional Development. Our services are available in on-to-one settings and in group settings. We provide private and confidential consultations. Clients have a Certified Educational Consultant and Planner (ECP-C). Our ECP-Cs are licensed, certified, bonded, and insured. ECP-Cs are FERPA and HIPAA certified by the United States Department of Education. We offer expert advice and services covering all areas of the educational field, such as, curriculum development, instruction, diversity and inclusion, classroom management, emotional and behavioral support, Section 504s, IEPs, Common Core, students with disabilities, ELLs, foster care students, and after-school programs.

We have over 15 years of experience helping teachers, schools, students, and families. We provided professional development, training, and public speaking at Ozarks Technical Community College, Missouri State University, Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation, public schools, private schools, and parochial schools, churches, and community actions. Our after-school programs have been implement in Springfield, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland, Curitiba, Brazil, and is expanding. Our work has been published, highlighted, recognized, and awarded.

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Danny and Luciane Hawkins have inspirational life stories, which have helped hundreds of people around the world. Their story of overcoming the odds, facing adversity, faith, and belief that all people have the ability to learn, plan, and achieve dreams. They have shared their knowledge, expertise, and advice with hundreds of people in the United States and abroad. Invite Danny or Luciane to speak at your conference, school, college, university, church, or event. We offer an array services to make your event successful! We will collaborate with you to develop a personalized message or conference for your event, a customized presentation for your class, or professional development for your organization. Our goal is to help make your event successful by offering affordable, quality, and personalized services. Begin by scheduling a free, no-obligation meeting.

Danny's first book, Unbelievable, will be released soon. In Unbelievable, Danny shares his life story from the Missouri Foster Care System to Brazil to Ivy League Universities. His life story has inspired and encouraged people in the United States, Brazil, and around the world. More information about his book is available at: Read Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield, Missouri, article about Danny here: or in the Springfield News-Leader's story here:

Luciane writes curriculum, academic articles, and develops PD, which focuses on diversity and inclusion. You can read her article here: The Missouri Reader, Vol. 40 / Issue 3 Spring 2017. "Multicultural Perspectives: Culturally Relevant Literacy Instruction" You can read her Brazilian story, Snacks and Dreams,  in Around the Campfire: An Anthology of Stories (Available on Amazon)You can watch her video here: 

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